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This formula is aimed at adults of all ages and profiles. It gives you the opportunity to take a break and escape into a bubble of nature. It offers the possibility to slow down your mind, to disconnect from stress and to reconnect with yourself and

with nature.

Come and experience a rejuvenating moment with

your team.
The forest bath has both relaxing and reboosting effects. It allows to (re-)create relational links, improve creativity and cognitive performance. It is also an opportunity to experience something unique and totally different with your team.

Are you tired, exhausted or even burned out? This formula is particularly adapted for you, and will help you to recharge your batteries.

This forest bath is shorter and takes place mainly in sitting and lying positions.
The emphasis is on listening to the body, and the benefits that nature can bring.

Would you like to be guided remotely via zoom or Whatsapp? This formula is for you! Whether it's from your room or from your favourite forest, I guide you remotely.

The minimum requirement is to have access to a few houseplants and a window that allows you to see the sky.


Treat yourself and your family with a timeless escape from the hassle and routine of everyday life.

Discover nature together as you have never seen it before. Disconnect to better reconnect with nature, yourself and your family.


As a woman, it can be difficult to go to the forest alone. This formula is the ideal opportunity to find your oneself, and discover the forest in a safe way and with the support of

the group.

This package is also ideal for stressed mothers looking for a rejuvenating break.

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