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This formula is aimed

to adults of all ages and backgrounds. It gives you the opportunity to take a break and escape into a bubble of nature.

It allows you to slow down the mind, disconnect from stress and

to reconnect with yourself and nature.

Price: 40 euros pp

Are you tired, exhausted or even burned out?

This formula, particularly suited to you, will help you recharge your batteries. This forest bath is shorter and takes place in a sitting or lying position, mainly. The emphasis is on listening to the body and the benefits that nature can provide.

Price: 40 euros pp

Come and experience a refreshing moment with your team.
Forest bathing has both relaxing and rejuvenating effects.
It allows you to (re)create connections, improve creativity and cognitive performance.
It’s also an opportunity to live a unique and totally different experience with your team.

Price: to be defined

Would you like to experience forest bathing by being guided remotely via Zoom or Whatsapp?

This formula is made for you! Whether from your room or from your favorite forest, I guide you remotely.


Minimum requirements: have access to a few indoor plants and a window that allows you to see the sky.

Price: 20 euros pp

Immersive experience

in nature with overnight stay in the woods (hard shelter available depending on the location).

On the program: Shinrin Yoku activities, relaxation and beautiful moments of sharing.


In collaboration with

Donatienne de Borman

Do you feel stuck? Do you want to feel better? Improve your relationships?

Are you unable to make your project a reality? Do you need a helping hand to see things more clearly and move forward calmly?

I support you, indoors or outdoors, thanks to the know-how and tools learned during my Ecoute Ton Corps training (still in progress).

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